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Natural Clay Tiles

For residential and commercial purposes, our clay tiles have a natural appearance and are very versatile. Due to the qualities of clay, it is easy to make beautiful roofs that are cost effective and simple to install.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are a common material used in manufacturing in the UK. Plain tiles can be used to give an authentic and traditional design. Built with precision engineering, our interlocking tiles are available in a huge range of colours and styles.

Natural Slating

Roof Slates are available in various sizes from several different countries. Our range includes Spanish and traditional Welsh slate. With a clean and smart appearance, roof slates offer the most aesthetically pleasing roofing solution, as well as being weather tight they ensure great durability.

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Approved Contractor

We are authorised contractors for Hydrostop AH-25

What are liquid membranes?

Liquid membranes are cold applied systems used for waterproofing and surfacing. They have a wide range of uses such as roofing, tanking, water features, wet rooms, balconies, car parks and decorative surfacing.

Liquid membrane systems are also available as a decorative anti-slip surfacing product where hard-wearing protection is required without the need for waterproofing.

Application of Liquid Membranes

Application can be carried out using a roller, brush or a squeegy. Some systems require a curing period between stages of application.

Surface Finish

Surface finishes vary according to manufacturer being used. They range from a gloss top-seal to a quartz anti slip surface. There are also a variety of different colours availalbe. For more detailed information email us with the system that it is your interested in and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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What is roofing felt?

Roofing felt is a term describing a roll of a base material which is impregnated and coated with bitumen or modified bitumen. High performance felt has a polyester base material which doesn't split and is impregnated in modified bitumen.

Application of felt

"Torch-on". The felt is manufactured with a layer of modified bitumen applied to the underside of the felt, this is heated up and melted using a gas torch to form a "flood" of bitumen at the base of the roll.

Surface Finish

The bitumen on roofing felt should be protected from UV rays to prevent it from cracking. This protection is usually provided using mineral surfaced felt which is available in a range of different colours. Protection can also be provided using additional surfacing materials such as solar reflective paint, spa chippings or ballast. Promenade tiles or paving slabs can be laid as an option for walkways, balconies or patio's.

Lead & Zinc Roofing

For centuries lead sheet has been the material of choice to protect buildings from the weather. It can be found in use on roofs, around windows and in gutters, in soaring Gothic cathedrals and in humble homes, simply because no other product can match its performance. It is heavy, malleable, attractive, and when properly installed, will outlast the building to which it is fitted. There are many historic monuments throughout Europe, some of them more than 500 years old, which are still protected from the ravages of nature by original lead sheets.

This exceptional longevity is one reason why lead sheet is a truly environmentally friendly product. Another is because, unlike other materials which lay claim to the description "green," lead can be endlessly recycled, leading to a metal recovery rate in excess of 95% with no loss of properties or potential end uses.

Man safe systems roofing

Depending on your requirement, you can specify a ManSafe system to work horizontally, vertically, along inclines and overhead. It can be a permanent installation to meet a regular need, a temporary unit for one-off activities or even an eyebolt system for working from inside out.

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Green Roof Systems

More and more architects and property owners are recognising the many advantages associated with green roofs. Not only are they visually attractive: they also provide energy savings, which make them beneficial both economically and ecologically.

A Green Roof is created when a planting scheme is established on a roof structure. The roof can be located anywhere from ground level, usually with an underground car park beneath, to a residential or commercial roof many storeys high. There are two main categories of green roof; Intensive and Extensive: -

Intensive green roof systems

Intensive green roof systems are designed to be used as recreational spaces and often involve features similar to traditional gardens.

Extensive green roof systems

Extensive green roof systems are intended as a decorative/ecological feature. They are not normally used as a recreational space and often have limited access for maintenance only.

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Approved contractor

We are registered contractors and have been trained to install the following single-ply roofing systems;

  • FDT Rhepanol PIB
  • KO Armourplan PVC
  • Flex-R EPDM

What is single ply

Single ply membranes are rubber-like waterproofing sheets generally defined as either a Thermoplastic or Elastomeric.

Application of single ply

Single ply membranes may be installed fully adheard, mechanically fastened, loose laid & ballasted or as 'green' roofs.

Surface finish

More recent innovations such as coloured membranes and factory produced roof profiles have provided the opportunity to mimic the appearance of traditional roofing systems such as lead and copper.

Single ply roofs don't necessarily need additional surface materials because they are compounded with additives such as UV stabilisers although paving, ballast and green roofs are regularly used.

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What is a roof survey and why have one

As the name suggests a visual roof survey involves a physical examination of your roof by a human inspector. If your roof can be accessed safely then we are able to send up a roof surveyor to photograph and inspect your termination details, rainwater gutters and all roof coverings in a more hands-on fashion than automated equipment offers.

Quite often a survey is required for insurance purposes and we at Roofing Solutions have provided this service for many satisfied customers over the years.

A roof survey can be carried out at a small cost to put your mind at rest should there be any concern at the current condition of a roof, giving an indication of remaining life expectancy.

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We cover all aspects of roofline and rainwater goods.